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The firm was founded by Patricia A. Jones-Petrick, Managing Director in 2000. She is very active on marketing and business development projects for the firm. The principals and associates of Jones-Petrick and Associates, LLC are seasoned, experienced, recognized marketing and engineering technologists who have contributed to the growth of venture capital funded startup companies and large corporations. Our associates have over 15 years of experience with a skill set blend of a rare combination of marketing and engineering expertise including: business development, strategic marketing, P/L operations, RF and mixed signal, digital baseband IC design, systems design, software engineering, product and program management, direct international sales with retail channel ODMs and OEMs, and raising venture capital.

Patricia A. Jones-Petrick, Marketing Director >>Read Bio

Al Petrick, Managing Director >>Read Bio

Along with their efforts in the IEEE Standards and Wi-Fi industry, the Team is joined by other Executive Consultants, that extend a wealth of marketing, business development and technical experience in Wi-Fi, LTE, Smart Grid and Spectrum Regulatory development including - FCC, ETSI, Ofcom.

Eric Buffkin, Executive Consultant, Pelagic Group >>Read Bio

John Notor, Executive Consultant, Notor Research >>Read Bio

JoAnn Polley, Executive Consultant, Infinite Ideas and Design >>Read Bio

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